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Below is a selection of thank you letters received, due to confidentiality names have been omitted.

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Below is a selection of exerts from some of the thank you letters above.

Letter received November 2004

I am writing to you to express our deep gratitude for the way in which my father ******* ******** was cared for at Stanton. We could not have wished for a better environment in which he was able to spend his last days. Even though he was suffering from progressive Alzheimer's disease, we always felt that he was cared for in a way that maintained his dignity and honour in addition to the excellent facilities of the home that were available for him.

During his last days, members of the family, including myself, were always treated with kindness and concern, including many cups of tea and coffee, whatever time of the day or night we turned up.

As a GP I have cared for many people in a variety of EMI residential and nursing facilities. I can honestly say that Stanton is among the best. It was certainly a great relief to see him transferred to Stanton after having spent a number of weeks in the much more clinical environment of Weston Hospital EMI ward.

On behalf of the family, may I say a big 'thank you' therefore, and wish you well for the future.

Letter received January 2005

We would like to thank you for the excellent care extended to ******** by you and your staff over the past year whilst she was at Heathwood and at Stanton. Thank you, too, for the basket of flowers sent to her funeral.

Letter received May 2006

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks for the loving care our Mother ******* ******* received whilst in your care.

Thank you too for the warm welcome we received when visiting - we do appreciate the care and concern extended to both mother and ourselves by you and your staff

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